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Welcome to Culture

We like to think there is something for everyone here… our team work hard to provide a diverse mix of food, drink and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Culture Tapas Bar

Our tapas bar, situated on the ground floor, consists of a ‘Classic Spanish Tapas’ section, and an ‘Around The World’ small plates section… highlighting examples of some of the great flavours and dishes we have come across over time.

We also offer a quality cocktail menu… featuring some popular classics as well as new ideas.

Culture Studio Theatre

The first floor plays host to the newly refurbished studio theatre. It seats approximately 30 people… so the experience for the audience is very intimate and up close to the performers. We have a mix of theatre, exhibitions, music, comedy and art taking place, and the venue invites outside performers as well as creating work in house.

Booking are always advisable - give us a call on
01772 821141